We are well equipped with well maintained machinery moving and metal working machinery.
We have the following equipment available for your services:
200,000 lb. Hydraulic Gantry
80,000 lb. forklift with Rigger Boom
40/60 Versa Lift with Rigger Boom
30,000 lb. forklift with Rigger Boom
15,000 lb. forklift
10,000 lb. forklift
9,000 lb. forkilift
6,000 lb. forklift
4,000 lb. forklift
Scissors lift
One man lift
Welding Machines
Small Air Dollies (up to 7 tons)
Large Air Dollies (up to 60 tons)
Plasma Cutter
Pipe Machines
Pressure Washer
Duct Lift
Man basket
Six Wheel Dollies (set of two)
Small Caterpiller Dollies (set of four)
Large Caterpiller Dollies (set of four)
Mastadon Dollies (Set of four)
Underslung Dollies (Set of four)
Loom Dollies (Set of two)
5 ton railroad jacks
10 ton railroad jacks
Pair Hydraulic jack (set of two)
50 ton Gear Puller

The 30,000 lbs forklift is a recent addition to our equipment and includes a hydraulic rigging boom which rises to the height of 19 feet.

Transport for forklifts and such is provided in the form of a large flatbed truck and a recently added Semi and lowboy trailer.
We are well equipped with small tools also.
A variety of power handtools, drills, grinders, rotary hammers, portabands and other small tools are furnished on the job. Expendables such as grinding disks, drill bits and saw blades are charged to the job. This cost is included with quoted jobs.

A fleet of well maintained pickups transport our personnel to and from your jobsite.